Toyota to Sell Mirai in Canada

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Quebec fleets will be the first in Canada to have access to a Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle.

Toyota Canada has announced that the Toyota Mirai – powered by hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain technology – is coming to Canada this year. During the Montréal International Auto Show, the company announced plans to launch the Mirai with select fleets in Québec.

“Toyota is passionate about helping Canada, and societies around the world, enjoy a greener future – as we have outlined in our Environmental Challenge 2050. And the Mirai – a zero-emissions, production model sedan – is an important milestone as we work to achieve this,” said Martin Gilbert, Director of Sales Planning and Innovation, Toyota Canada Inc. “Working closely with the Québec government and key stakeholders, we feel the time is right to put Mirai on the road in the province.”

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