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F-Series “Tech Day” showcases latest technologies.

Ford of Canada invited the media out to experience some of the innovative technologies available on both the F-150 as well as the new Super Duty line of trucks.

One of the featured technologies is the company’s Blind Spot Information System, or BLIS. Not only does it alert the driver to the presence of another vehicle in his blind spot, but it also notifies the driver if there’s a vehicle in the trailer’s blind spot.

The driver can program BLIS to cater to specific trailer sizes, with inputs for the length and width of the trailer conveniently located within the instrument cluster.

Also on display was Ford’s Trailer Reverse Guidance system, which has been designed to make easy work of backing up a trailer, without hitting obstacles or getting stuck in a jackknife situation.

The system uses multiple cameras to give the driver an unobstructed view of the trailer and the surrounding area, making hooking up a trailer, and backing it into position easy enough for a novice to accomplish without breaking a sweat.

The new Super Duty boasts a bed that is completely compatible with e-Track accessories. They simply fit where they need to. The bed also features class exclusive bed ramps that don’t hang off the back of the tailgate. Instead, they slide into place on a railing, which means there’s no way they can slip off the end of the tailgate while in use. The ramps lock into place on the inside of the bed for easy storage.


Inside, the new Super Duty can be converted into a mobile office. The centre console has room for hanging file folders, as well as a lockable safe for valuables.

In addition, a 110-volt outlet can supply power for a broad range of tools or office equipment, as well as turn the truck into a mobile generator. A new option, for 2017, allows fleet owners to program certain features using Ford’s Upfitter Interface Module. Make the changes on your computer, and upload them to one or a 1,000s of trucks using the OBD2 port.

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