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Independent global researcher, GfK, has released findings showing which vehicle features (from a given list) consumers see as ‘very important’ in a vehicle. 

Over 36 percent (across 17 countries) say that having the latest driver technology in a vehicle (steering or parking assist, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry or ignition, etc.) is ‘very important’, while 28 percent say the same for the latest passenger technology (audio or video streaming, social network connectivity, etc.).

The importance of vehicle technology increases with income. On average, 44 percent of people in the top quarter of the total income in each country see the latest driver tech as ‘very important’, compared to just 30 percent of people in the bottom quarter of total income within each country.

“The value of these findings for vehicle manufacturers lies in being able to assess precisely which features different consumer segments say appeal most to them – and adjust marketing content and product development to match those aspirations,” says Siegfried Hoegl, GfK’s Global Head of Automotive Research.

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