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Packed with features and amenities, the Cadenza offers a value proposition that’s hard to resist.

While Kia has always been about maximum bang for the buck, in recent years the company has caught up with industry leaders to offer an appealing mix of quality, luxury, amenities, performance and design.

Kia’s formula for success is easy to understand. They pack their vehicles with as many must-haves and wants as possible, and then they slap an MSRP on the final product that makes it hard to resist.

Case in point, the 2016 Cadenza. While the “base” model begins at $37,995, our tester, the top-of-the-line Cadenza Tech, weighs in at $45,595. What does that get you? Lots!

The so-called base Cadenza comes with goodies like a rain-sensing windshield, dual-zone climate control, a smart key and push-button start, heated seats, leather seats and steering wheel, wood trim, heated outside mirrors, a 12-speaker audio system, navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, all the safety acronyms you can think of, and so much more.

Step up a level to the Cadenza Premium ($41,995) and they throw in a panoramic sunroof, HID lights, rear heated seats, front ventilated seats, an electric rear curtain, upgraded leather seats, memory seating position, a heated steering wheel, a windshield wiper de-icer, and a few more features.

The top-of-the-line Cadenza Tech adds just a bit more, including a lane departure warning system, blind spot detection, smart cruise control, hydrophobic front door glass (for better visibility in the rain), an electric parking brake, and more.

The right fit
Perhaps the real challenge here is figuring out where the Cadenza fits on your selector. It’s posh and desirable enough for an executive (minus the snob appeal), but affordable enough for a management-level driver.

One could even argue that it would be a good fit on a sales fleet, but then again, you’d really have to like the salesperson who drives it in order to justify pampering him this way.

Once you get past all the creature comforts, you can begin to appreciate how well the Cadenza performs on the open road. The 3.3L GDI V6, which is the only engine available on all three trim levels, packs quite the punch. The 293-hp V6 offers 255 lb. ft. of torque, which means passing and other maneuvers will never leave you wondering if you have enough juice to get yourself out of a tight spot.

The ride is comfortable, and the cabin is wonderfully civilized. A bright, 8-inch LCD touch screen gives the driver access to everything from navigation to the phone system to the 12-speaker sound system. It’s easy to use, and very intuitive, which means you won’t need to thumb through the owner’s manual trying to figure out how to pair your phone, or save a favourite radio station.

Spacious, comfortable, luxurious and refined, the Cadenza pampers occupants in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of more upscale brands, with more upscale price tags. Kia says the Cadenza is “Your own personal sanctuary,” and they might just be right. Take a closer look to see if the Cadenza has a place on your selector.

VEHICLE 2016 Kia Cadenza
PRICE Starting at $37,995
ENGINE OPTIONS 3.3L GDI V6 (293 hp, 255 lb. ft. of torque)
TRANSMISSION 6-speed Sportmatic automatic
ENGINE/TRANSMISSION AS TESTED 3.3L GDI V6 / 6-speed Sportmatic automatic
FUEL ECONOMY AS TESTED 11.5L/100 km (combined)

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