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Pedestrians are a very distracted group as they cross streets and intersections while riveted to their screens, which is surely a cause for concern among your drivers. Thanks to the new collision-avoidance system with pedestrian detection, which is an available option on the new 2017 Fusion, Ford wants to anticipate their movements and reduce the severity of head-on collisions, or even eliminate them completely.

“In order to avoid a collision which has not yet occurred, we must anticipate pedestrian movements, explains Ford Driver Assist, Active Safety Development Manager, Scott Lindstrom. Thanks to the quantity of data based on real-world driving conditions, our system has the intelligence to determine what might happen in a given amount of time which has yet to occur.ˮ

In order to develop and perfect this driver-assist technology, the manufacturer conducted over 800,000 km of testing in Europe, China and the U.S. with a dozen vehicles, gathering 240 terabytes of data in a span of 473 days.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on average, mishaps involving pedestrians and vehicles occur every eight minutes.





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