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A third of consumers now own a smartphone, a computer and a tablet – a 140 percent increase over the last three years.

As the number of people using multiple digital devices has grown, Ford has redesigned the interior of its 2017 Ford Fusion to offer drivers and passengers more storage, increased connectivity, and an open, airier feel throughout.

To accommodate all of these devices, Ford engineered 59 percent more storage into the Fusion console, adding bins throughout, including a new phone pocket and area for small coins.

To provide a 4-litre increase to the main console storage area, the armrest has been lengthened about 3 inches, and a clamshell design has been incorporated for the upper compartment to make the space more accessible and user friendly.

The revamped media bin at the front of the console, under the 8-inch touch screen, sees the addition of a lighted USB port for increased connectivity on the forward wall. A narrow new storage slot behind it is perfect for a cellphone and other small items.

The rearrangement provides room for more efficiently designed cord storage space, so cords don’t tangle, droop or snag. The new USB port allows for easier phone connection, so customers can enjoy the full functionality of SYNC 3 and AppLink.

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