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2016 Canadian Hybrid Analysis reports on most cost-effective hybrid vehicles. 

Vincentric’s most recent Canadian Hybrid Analysis shows that seven of the 41 hybrids evaluated had lower total cost of ownership compared to their closest all-gasoline-powered counterpart. 

The seven cost-effective hybrids were the Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited and Ultimate, Lexus CT 200h, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Toyota Prius V and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Limited.

Results also revealed that nine hybrids depreciated at a lower rate than their all-gasoline equivalents, while six of the total 41 hybrids had fuel cost savings greater than the price premium paid for the hybrid.

“Buyers should analyze individual models and their own driving patterns to decide whether a hybrid or its gas counterpart is the best choice to save them money in the long run,” said Vincentric President, David Wurster. “There can still be times when a hybrid’s cost of ownership savings justify the hybrid price premium, however, hybrids may be losing their competitive edge due to the decrease in fuel prices and improved fuel economy of all-gasoline-powered vehicles. ” 

For more information please visit: vincentric.com.

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