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On October 5, NAFA will be presenting a free webinar focused on automotive cybersecurity.

NAFA will be hosting a webinar entitled “Fleet Management and the Connected Vehicle” on Wednesday, October 5.

Speakers for this webinar will be:

– Patrick O’Connor – NAFA’s Legislative Counsel in Washington D.C. and President of Kent & O’Connor

– Jeff Jeter – NAFA’s Vice President and Fleet Manager, Chesterfield County 

– Oleg Cytowicz – NAFA’s Board of Delegates Vice Chair and Global Fleet Lead Senior Analyst NA Fleet Ops, Unilever

– Robert Martinez – NAFA’s U.S. Government Representative and Deputy Commissioner, NYPD

In this webinar you will learn:

– The contents of the NHTSA/FBI March 2016 bulletin;

– The distinction between security concerns and privacy issues;

– The need for fleet access to OBD-II Port access;

– How NAFA is contributing to the cybersecurity debate.

Fore details, click here to learn more details and to register now.

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