AAPEX: A 12-Part Webinar training series

10mayAll Day27sepAAPEX: A 12-Part Webinar training seriesFocuses on European Vehicle Diagnostics, Communicating With Customers

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45 minutes each

Starting at 2PM ET (11 AM PT)

This webinar series brings you helpful technical training as well as important management content for owners and shop leaders. Sign up for as many of these free sessions as you’d like!

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Rebuilding Your Oil Change Business
Independent shop owners have seen their market share of oil changes, battery replacements and other maintenance services being lost to quick lubes and retailers. This webinar will cover how a shop can rebuild its maintenance business and increase customer loyalty simultaneously. The experts will also discuss customer expectations when it comes to vehicle service.

Part 2: On-Demand – Register to View Now!
Employee Training Options
As vehicle technology continues to advance, the need for training on systems and procedures continues to be more and more critical. Those methods continue to change as well. Is in-person training still required? Are online sessions effective? Can owners, technicians and service advisors learn with self-paced resources?

Part 3: Wednesday, May 10
Diagnosing and Verifying False Activation of ADAS Automatic Emergency Braking Systems
It is becoming more common for ADAS-equipped vehicles that are out of warranty to have issues with false activation and deactivation of ADAS features, including automatic emergency braking and lane keeping. This 45-minute training session will cover collecting a driver complaint, duplicating the problem and resolving the issue.

Part 4: Wednesday, May 24
ADAS Equipment Options
As more and more ADAS-equipped vehicles travel the streets in your community, there’s an increasing likelihood they’ll also be coming into your shop. What will it take to ensure your techs are equipped with the tools and training they need to handle the profitable jobs you may be turning away?

Part 5: Wednesday, June 14
Installing an EV Charger at Your Shop
To service electric vehicles, one of the essential tools is a charger station. In this 45-minute emerging technology training session, EV experts will cover the logistics and equipment required to add an EV charger inside or outside a repair facility. In addition, the webinar will cover both AC and DC quick charging and how to diagnose an EV with charging issues.

Part 6: Wednesday, June 28
Tomorrow’s Technology Today
Technology is present in every aspect of the automotive repair facility. What types of equipment and resources are required to help today’s shop owner keep service advisors and technicians be productive now and in the future?

Part 7: Wednesday, July 12
Information and Software as a Tool
To service sophisticated vehicles, service information is just as crucial as a two-post lift or wrench. In this 45-minute training session, experts will cover how software can be used as a tool. In addition, information experts will cover sources of information as well as navigation tips to make lookups faster.

Part 8: Wednesday, July 26
Cybersecurity – Is Your Shop Safe?
Google My Business, Facebook, online purchasing and scheduling – business is increasingly handled online. Yet, by putting more and more of your shop’s business details into the cloud are you putting your security at risk? What kind of firewalls are needed to keep your shop secure in an increasingly electronic society?

Part 9: Wednesday, August 16
Servicing Overfilled or Contaminated R-134a and R-1234yf A/C Systems
Modern A/C systems require an exact amount of refrigerant to operate efficiently. If too little or too much R-134a or R-1234yf is present in a system, it can cause a no-cooling complaint. Finding the leak or source of the extra refrigerant can be a challenge. In this 45-minute training session, we will cover how to recover, measure and refill systems that may have been compromised due to a leak or the customer adding refrigerant on their own.

Part 10: Wednesday, August 30
Road Testing – How to do it Profitably; How to do it Safely
Taking a customer’s car for a test drive may be the only way to know what’s really wrong – but how can you learn what you need in a safe and productive manner? Learn how to maximize your road test procedures and what you should remember to protect your team.

Part 11: Wednesday, September 13
Telsa Service Opportunities
With more than 3.6 million Tesla vehicles sold during the past decade, these EVs have service and maintenance opportunities you can’t ignore. This training session will cover brake, chassis and other maintenance opportunities for all Tesla models. Also, the experts will discuss the tools and equipment required to work on EVs and Hybrids.

Part 12: Wednesday, September 27
Taboo Topics – What Are Your Shop’s Drug and Alcohol Policies?
Given the myriad risks of on-the-job drug and alcohol use – and the steep price that shops can pay for negligent repairs – it’s more important than ever to ensure that your employees are focused, clean and sober. As certain practices are legalized in different areas of the country, shop owners and employees may be uncertain of what laws apply to them. What do you need to know when developing employment guidelines?

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May 10 (Wednesday) - September 27 (Wednesday)