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Franchised dealers in the U.K. have been caught charging excessive amounts for basic service.

A recent investigation conducted by Auto Express, a British car magazine, showed that some unscrupulous dealers are charging as much as £1,248 (CDN $2,006) to replace a dead battery.

Investigators from Auto Express posed as customers to ask franchise dealer service departments for quotes to supply and fit a new battery on some of Britain’s most popular models.

The fairest and most consistent pricing was found across the Toyota network, while some other manufacturers exorbitant prices—as much as $2,006.

“The problem for motorists is that the retail price of car parts is unregulated and therefore there is little transparency or consistency in parts pricing, even within the same dealer networks,” said Jonathan Burn, who led the study. “Our advice to motorists is to get several quotes from franchised dealers, and also to consider using a reputable independent service provider.”

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