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Cadillac marks 15 years of the V-Series and provides a timeline and facts about each of the V-Series vehicles.

Fifteen years ago, Cadillac took a chance and debuted the V-Series with the inaugural 2004 CTS-V at Germany’s famed Nűrburgring race course. It was the most powerful car the brand had ever produced at 400 hp only with manual transmission. Now, the V-Series is known as an acclaimed and luxurious American performance sedan.

“From the very beginning, Cadillac’s V-Series represented the ultimate expression of our design, technology, and performance,” said Mark Reuss, GM President. “It introduced an entirely new breed of performance-minded customers to Cadillac showrooms and helped transform the brand’s traditional image into one with different facets for customers’ varying driving tastes.”

The V-Series expanded to include five vehicle platforms: CTS, XLR, STS, ATS, and CT6, each with a unique expression of performance, shared racing-bred aesthetics, and technologically advanced driving dynamics. More vehicle platforms are forthcoming.

“V-Series is a philosophy as much as the unique components comprising each variant,” said Brandon Vivian, Cadillac Executive Chief Engineer. “That means the various V-Series models offer distinctive driving experiences, but always distilled through Cadillac’s unique perspective on spirited performance.”

Over time, the vision has evolved to tailor design and performance distinctions based on customers’ preferences for traditional luxury or sport-oriented looks. Still, the V-Series remains intended for sport-minded customers, offering enhanced performance capability.

Timelines and facts

2004 – CTS-V (first generation):

  • Developed by GM’s special vehicle performance team;
  • Established in 2002 under the direction of Ken Morris;
  • 7L V-8 with 400 hp (later becomes a 6.0L V-8);
  • 0-60 times of about 4.6 seconds; and
  • Performance design aesthetic with mesh grilles and darkened exterior trim.

2006 – XLR-V:

  • Two-seat grand; tourer;
  • Supercharged V-8 with 443 hp and forced induction; and
  • Produced through 2009.

2006 – STS-V:

  • 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels;
  • Performance Algorithm Shifting and ZF Servotronic II steering;
  • Supercharged V-8 with 469 hp; and
  • Produced through 2009.

2009-CTS-V (second generation):

  • Supercharged V-8 engine rated at 556 hp and a top speed of 200 mph (321 kph) on test track;
  • First appearance of the Magnetic Ride Control adaptive damping suspension; and
  • Made a record with its test lap clicking off in less than 8 minutes on production street tires on the 12-mile-long Nordschleife (North Loop) around Nűrburgring.

2011 – CTS-V Coupe and Wagon:

  • Supercharged V-8 engines and track-tuned chassis; and
  • Only 1,746 wagons produced over a four-year run, so it is considered rare.

2016 – CTS-V (third generation):

  • More track-focused performer;
  • Handling prowess enhanced by the four-more Performance Traction Management system, which tailored the driving experience to different conditions, including a race track;
  • Supercharged and direct-injected V-8 with 640 hp; and
  • Top speed of more than 200 mph (321 kph).

2016 – ATS-V Coupe and Sedan:

  • First V-Series to employ turbocharging;
  • Leveraged electronically charged technologies, like an electronically limited slip rear differential to support true track capability;
  • Turbocharged V-6 with 464 hp; and
  • Capabilities include 0-60 times of fewer than 4 second, and top track speed of nearly 190 mph (305 kph).

2019 – CT6-V

  • All-new Blackwing 4.2L twin-turbocharged V-8, with an estimated 550 hp;
  • Effortless street and canyon road performance;
  • Responsive AWD-enabled handling and driver-focused technologies; and
  • Predicted expansion of AWD capability.

The CT4 and CT5 V-Series will make their global debut in Detroit on May 30.

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