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Digital Communication Solutions provider Kimoby recently launched its mobile app for dealers.

Kimoby, a cloud-based communications platform that connects businesses with their customers through their preferred messaging channel, recently released a new mobile app for dealers.

The app allows dealers to manually create and schedule individual appointments, send payment requests to their customers from the mobile device and receive payment notifications, send photos or videos taken with the phone and text them to customers for quick approvals and respond to customers’ questions quickly. Dealers can even send customer satisfaction surveys (CSI) for feedback.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and can be used on a mobile device or tablets. Dominique Conti, Director of Marketing, Kimoby, states that the tablet seems more professional as they “do not want customers to think that employees are texting on their personal phone while interacting with people.”

Additionally, Kimoby has recently introduced a new module for computer conversations that allow for translation in real-time. The customer can choose to reply in their own language and the conversation will be automatically translated for dealers. “It was important for us to give dealers the means to communicate with their clientele,” says Conti. This translation feature is not yet available on the app.


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