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Jaguar Land Rover Canada is providing customers with exclusive access to brand-specific insurance coverage.

Owners of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in Canada will now be able to get auto insurance at retail locations during the vehicle purchasing process. Having launched in February across Canada, this brand-specific insurance coverage is available online, and on mobiles, for all Jaguar and Land Rover customers. The goal is to improve the overall customer experience and deepen each owner’s relationship with the brand.

“We’ve taken a hard look at our business in an effort to improve our performance and transform our technology offering,” said Rob Whisson, Director of Customer Service, Jaguar Land Rover Canada. “We’re providing more choice.”

A better deal

Brand-specific auto insurance comes with many benefits. For instance, Jaguar Land Rover knows and understands its customers’ needs better than any third party, and the company can provide tailored solutions and products, based on each customer’s profile.

Customers also receive access to a network of brokers to help with vehicle protection, along with other benefits including premium discounts, superior service level, and opportunities to cover multiple vehicles, including collector editions.

Additionally, customers receive an official coverage option, which ensures that genuine OE replacement parts are used, and that they’re installed by trained technicians at a brand-approved facility.

“By working with companies we’re familiar with, and by insuring our products and understanding our products, we know the exact cost of repairs. We know exactly what the dealers will charge. We’re only paying out on cars that we’ve covered and that will be coming back into our network. So, we’ve taken out a lot of the variables,” says Whisson.

To promote this new product, Jaguar Land Rover is targeting its existing owner base through social media to build awareness. “With it being a brand-new product in the marketplace, we want to get that established. So, we want to grow the portfolio and deliver on our promise to customers. Ultimately, it builds loyalty, and we look to measure the impact of the program in terms of loyalty in the long-term.”

A true partnership

Jaguar Insurance and Land Rover Insurance products are fuelled by Aon Reed Stenhouse, who is providing white label solutions, dealing primarily with customer interactions, and providing underwriters to help customers choose the right policy.

“At the end of the day, we’re a car manufacturer; we’re not an insurance business per se, so [Aon’s] job is to be the engine and also the glue. We wanted to work with a partner that shared our same values in terms of customer experience, bought into the vision that we were trying to get to. So, Aon brings with them call centres, brokering, and the relationship with the right underwriters,” says Whisson.

Despite still being in the rollout phase of the program, Jaguar Land Rover has sold a few hundred policies and, so far, customer feedback has been positive, according to the company, with many saying that they enjoyed the service experience.

“The partnership offers a way to personalize the buying process even further,” says Caroline Mills-White, Senior Vice President and National Director of Aon Personal Lines, Affinity.

Whisson adds: “We’re integrating the insurance component into the brand experience.

“We’re trying to make sure [each customer’s] experience is amazing, so when the worst happens, the customer still feels connected to Jaguar Land Rover. They still feel connected to their car.”

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