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Safer drivers can save money with Allstate Canada’s Drivewise App.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada recently released a new app for National Road Safety Week in Canada. The week highlights the dangerous behaviour on the roads, along with the necessary steps that drivers and motorists can take to address and diminish these risks.

Drivewise is a personalized app that uses telematics technology to provide its auto insurance users insight into their driving habits that need to be improved upon so they can become better and safer drivers. The app also allows these drivers to demonstrate their safe driving behaviours for a chance to save up to 30% on their auto insurance. Those who participate in the Drivewise program will further be exempt from an increase in their premium as a result.

“Every insurance company has customers who ask for lower rates because they say they are safer drivers. The Drivewise app, through telematics technology, gives Allstate Canada customers the power to showcase exactly that, with the opportunity to save money as a result,” says Glen King, Director, Product Development and Connected Consumer, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “Our hope is that participants will feel empowered and encouraged to change their behaviours and become even better drivers as they gain awareness of their habits and adopt safer practices behind the wheel.”

The app can be downloaded for free on both Apple and Android devices and is available to auto insurance customers in Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia, and soon in Quebec as well.

Drivewise will monitor the user’s driving, providing detailed information on their driving habits and estimated savings based on:

  1. Safe speeds: keep speed below 125 km/h;
  2. Safe hours: limiting trips between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.;
  3. Safe stops: limiting hard braking.

For those interested in trying the app, there is a TESTDrivewise version available for download that will track driving habits for five trips, provide feedback on driving skills, and deliver an automatic 5% discount for current Allstate customers. TESTDrivewise is free to all drivers in participating provinces, even if they aren’t Allstate customers.

To learn more about Drivewise, visit Allstate.ca/drivewise/on.

To determine is usage-based insurance is the right choice, click here. 

To download Drivewise or TESTDrivewise, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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