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Nissan Energy and OPUS campers collaborated on a smart camping concept that uses second-life Nissan electric vehicle batteries to power ‘off-grid’ adventures.

The Nissan x OPUS concept integrates the Nissan Energy ROAM, a portable, all-in-one, weatherproof power pack using Nissan’s EV battery technology for convenient, emissions-free and silent power.

Francisco Carranza, Managing Director, Nissan Energy said, “Nissan’s leadership in energy services means we are not only transforming the way people drive, but also the way we live. The Nissan x OPUS concept is a real-world example of how Nissan Energy ROAM can integrate into our lifestyles–in this case, the hugely popular leisure activity of camping.”

The concept allows campers to enjoy the comforts of home while out on an adventure in remote areas. The camper itself can inflate in around 90 seconds. Inside the Nissan x OPUS, there’s cooking equipment, a seating or dining area and sleeping accommodations of up to six people. A few other accessories include a portable microwave, a two-burner gas hob, a fridge, a 4G mobile WiFi hotspot for up to 10 devices, and USB sockets to charge phones and other peripherals.

The Nissan Energy ROAM can be removed from within the camper and recharged away from the campsite with a standard domestic socket or by plugging it into a 400-watt solar panel accessory.

Jonathan Harrison, Managing Director, OPUS said, “OPUS owners really love getting out into the wild and enjoying the more remote corners of the countryside. At the moment, to go ‘off-grid’ for any lengthy period, you either turn to a fossil-fuel generator–which isn’t good for air quality or a peaceful camping ambience–or you compromise on the power you can use with existing battery solutions.”

The ROAM’s lithium-ion cells are recovered from first-generation Nissan electric vehicles, enabling a sustainable second-life for the batteries. These batteries are then able to generate a storage capacity of 700 Wh and a power output of 1.36 hp (1kW). The ROAM provides a power supply that supports enough energy autonomy for around seven days of camping, with assistance from solar panels.

“This new concept integrating Nissan Energy ROAM is answering real customer needs. Soon campers might be able to take whichever road–or unbeaten track–they choose, safe in the knowledge they will be connected to robust and sustainable energy supply,” Harrison added.

The Nissan x OPUS concept will make a public debut on the OPUS stand at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at The NEC, Birmingham, UK from 19-24 February 2019.

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