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Mobials delivers a suite of digital retailing tools for Canadian auto dealers.

AutoVerify will now enable Canadian dealers to partner with a single vendor for a suite of tools instead of paying multiple vendors for different tools. According to Mobials, this new suite will help dealers reduce their monthly costs and generate up to eight times more leads from existing web traffic to deliver real and measurable ROI at every stage of the purchase process.

“Our customers have had tremendous success with Reviewsii, Tradesii, and Credsii so far. The products work together to provide consumers with information, generate more leads, and qualify those leads,” says Marty Meadows, President of AutoVerify.

The Suite includes six tools that help dealers get more online reviews, offer customers trade-in values, insurance quotes, credit profiles, vehicle reservation options and fair values on written-off vehicles all free of charge.

AutoVerify will also provide training and customer support to help integrate the suite with dealers’ websites and ensure that they are comfortable using it.

“We are here for our customers at every stage of their setup and usage. We don’t believe in locking customers into contracts, so we only succeed when they succeed,” says Cheryl Hayes, Director of Customer Success at Mobials.

At the same time, AutoVerify will provide valuable information to consumers so they can ask dealers questions early in the research process and enjoy an overall smooth shopping experience.

See the suite in action at autoverify.com.

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