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Express Service Kiosk is setting new customer service standards for automotive Service Departments in North America, with a focus on high efficiency and low costs.

Storm Kiosk Inc.’s CEO Simon House and Chief Marketing Officer Nathan MacKenzie are setting high standards for automotive service in Canadian and U.S. dealerships with their Express Service Kiosk.

The Express Service is a modern and convenient automated solution for customers, who expect an accessible and easy experience at dealerships when servicing their vehicles. It provides a 24-hours automotive service option with pick-up or drop-off in under 3 minutes, which results in a higher vehicle turn around. Customers receive a notification once their vehicle service is completed.

This technology also allows for higher efficiency for service departments as they see greater ROI by driving upsells and promotions straight to the customer, with about 46% of them selecting an upsell option. Kiosk also partnered with major DMS and payment solutions providers. This partnership allows dealerships to monitor customers’ appointments and repair order integrations using the company’s web-based Service Dashboard.

A survey with Auto Show attendees revealed that 79% of them were dissatisfied with their service experience and 86% of them were willing to switch to Express Service for a better and quicker experience.

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