Explorer Completes 16,000 km Journey in Nissan LEAF

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Explorer Marek Kaminiski has completed his 16,000 km journey behind the wheel of a Nissan LEAF.

Kaminiski arrived in Japan after setting out on his #NoTraceExpedition three months prior in Poland.

The objective of the trip was to illustrate the practicality and feasibility of traveling great distances in a battery-electric vehicle, setting the stage for future explorers to undertake such journeys in BEVs without worrying about harmful emissions damaging the environment.

Kaminski’s #NoTraceExpedition began in Zakopane, Poland and took him through eight countries over two continents and a host of varying driving conditions, passing through Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and South Korea on his way to the finishing point in Tokyo.

Besides showcasing the possibility and practicality of EVs, the journey also provided a public relations boost for EV technology, especially around issues such as charging and range anxiety, something that’s likely welcome for both OEMs such as Nissan and their retail networks.


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