Jaguar Land Rover Announces Marketing, Sales Restructuring

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Jaguar Land Rover has announced a major restructure of its Marketing, Sales, Service and PR functions to meet the changing needs of its global customers.

Under the leadership of Felix Brautigam, Board Member of Jaguar Land Rover and Chief Commercial Officer, a new Commercial Function is being formed with the following core functions: Customer Experience, Product Marketing, Market Performance, Customer Service and Planning, as well as the regions China, North America, UK, Europe and Overseas.

“This restructuring brings key functions together,” said Brautigam, “making us fit for the future and enabling us to delight customers, strengthen our brands, define outstanding products and drive success—success derived from better responding to our customers’ needs that are changing as quickly as the communications landscape is being revolutionized.

Brautigam added, “I am certain that these adjustments to the way we do business will better prepare us to face increasing external challenges but also to seize new opportunities as we over-proportionally invest in new products and technologies. In this we are driven by one goal: creating experiences that our customers will love for life.”

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