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In support of the Toronto Foundation’s #TorontoStrong Fund, Manheim Toronto hosted a Mega Sale auction featuring 2,500 cars.

A $5.00 donation from the sale of every vehicle was donated to the Toronto Foundation, an organization that has provided crisis support, emotional support, and practical assistance to individuals impacted by the tragic incident in Toronto that, on April 23, left 10 dead and 16 injured.

In total, and on behalf of parent company Cox Automotive Canada, Manheim Toronto sold a record number of vehicles on Tuesday, May 15; the company then donated more than $8000 to the #TorontoStrong Fund.

“Our goal, from the very beginning, was to find the best way to assist victims and survivors with the cost of emergency expenses, trauma counselling, and more,” said Ken Morin, General Manager of Manheim Toronto. “We recognize just how essential it is to help during a time like this, and we knew that this week’s Mega Sale would provide us with the best opportunity to do so.”

During the tragic incident that occurred in the Yonge and Finch area of Toronto, first responders fought to keep victims alive, while protecting bystanders from further additional violence. Civilians comforted and supported victims even in the face of unspeakable horror, while hospital staff worked around the clock to save lives and heal physical and emotional injuries.

“The passion we have for our communities is something that consistently guides our diligence in offering support,” said Maria Soklis, President of Cox Automotive Canada. “Donations have poured in from people and organizations from around the world, and we wanted to do our part.”

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