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A May 2 fire at a Michigan auto parts supplier that caused Ford to suspend production of its bestselling F-150 (due to a shortage of key components), is now impacting other automakers.

General Motors has had to suspend production of its full-size three quarter and one-ton Chevy Express and GMC Savanna vans built in Wentzville Mo., while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has also halted assembly of its Chrysler Pacifica minivan, built in Windsor, Ont.

Ford however, continues to be the most severely impacted of the Detroit-area based automakers, with the halting of F-150 production at its Rouge, Mich. and Kansas City, Mo. plants causing the temporary layoff of around 7,600 workers. Production of its larger Super-Duty trucks in Louisville, Ky., has also been impacted.

At this stage, it is too early to tell how these production shutdowns will impact dealers but if they continue, there is the potential for significant shortages of many retailers’ most profitable models.

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