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CARPROOF Corporation has announced the launch of True Trade—a lead generation tool that allows dealers to leverage the CARPROOF brand to provide consumers with accurate trade-in values.

True Trade uses real transaction data and advanced analytics from CARPROOF. True Trade is a digital tool that’s designed to integrate seamlessly into dealership websites, allowing consumers to enter information about the vehicle they’re interested in trading in.

The tool provides instant trade-in values that consumers can trust and dealers can use to profitably acquire inventory for retail or wholesale purposes. Consumers spend a significant amount of time researching online before they visit a dealership, and they often come away with unrealistic expectations of their vehicle’s value.

The number they expect is often based on how much similar vehicles are listed for online or the results from other appraisal tools, which may not be accurate. These customers are then disappointed with the offer they receive from a dealer.

“We know that trade-in valuation is one of the most contentious elements of selling a used vehicle,” says Shawn Vording, Vice-President of Automotive Sales at CARPROOF. “Consumers want a fair value that comes from a trusted independent source, and dealers want to work with numbers that help them maximize trade-wins and profit.

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