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Ally Financial and Mobiliti are looking at options for a suite of offerings focused on Mobiliti and its participating dealers’ needs.

These services would include Ally fleet financing for qualified dealers who use Mobiliti’s vehicle subscription services, and the option for dealers to remarket returned vehicles using Ally’s wholesale, digital auction site, SmartAuction.

Mobiliti is an app-based subscription service that connects drivers who want flexibility with dealers who can provide desirable vehicles. A monthly Mobiliti subscription includes the vehicle, maintenance, warranty, insurance and roadside assistance.

“Mobiliti offers consumers flexibility and choice in vehicles, while also helping dealers maximize their inventory and reach customers who want a different car driving experience,” said Tim Russi, President of Auto Finance for Ally. “We’re excited to work with Mobiliti to help lead the way as car ownership evolves to meet changing demands in the market.”

For consumers who may want to buy or lease the vehicle at the end of the subscription period, Ally and Mobiliti are exploring opportunities to integrate Mobiliti with financing opportunities available through Ally’s Clearlane platform. Ally launched Clearlane, a digital financing platform, in April 2017 to digitally connect consumers with finance providers who can provide vehicle financing quickly and easily.

“Our goal is to create a model that gives consumers the flexibility they want and provides dealers with a subscription model that captures the value they offer consumers in service and delivery,” said Chance Richie Founder and CEO of Mobiliti.  “Our relationship with Ally, a national leader in auto finance, provides the flexibility we need to best serve consumers and dealers as we roll out this unique business.”

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