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CARPROOF Corporation has launched a new online tool to help used car buyers and sellers find more accurate values of used vehicles.

CARPROOF True Value does this by leveraging the company’s extensive automotive data to calculate values.

CARPROOF uses data science to calculate values based on the vehicle’s unique history, which could include prior damage, odometer readings and where it has been registered. By combining this information with the amount similar vehicles have sold for, CARPROOF True Value is able to deliver a specific appraisal of that vehicle.

“Our mission is to help Canadians make informed decisions about buying and selling used cars,” said Mark Rousseau, President at CARPROOF. “Our aim is to reduce the guesswork around used car value, helping private sellers set competitive asking prices and giving buyers peace of mind that the price they’re paying is fair.”

Before getting the exact True Value, users can get an idea of their vehicle’s value with CARPROOF’s free True Value range. They can then upgrade to get the specific True Value by layering in the vehicle’s unique history records.

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