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New auto retailing concept promises to save customers time.

The Serpa Automotive Group has launched a new concept in automotive retailing. Dubbed the “Serpa Automotive Boutique,” the new approach to car shopping allows customers to shop for a vehicle without leaving their home office.

The Boutique acts as the customer’s representative. “We do the difficult work of vehicle research and shopping for our customers,” said Stefano Serpa, Boutique VP and General Manager. “Instead of the buyer visiting four different dealerships or brands, and dealing with numerous salespeople, we handle the contacts, obtaining the best purchase and often fastest delivery. They can also complete the process online, very efficiently.”

The Serpa Automotive Boutique plans to specialize in hard-to-find, in-demand luxury vehicles, and rare models, while also providing more mass-market models.

Serpa Automotive President Frank Serpa will act as the Boutique’s Dealer Principal while Vice President Stefano Serpa will act as its General Manager.

The Boutique will also offer help with financing and leasing and will pick up and drop off vehicles for service.

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