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CarGurus report sheds light on the lengths some consumers are willing to go to get a deal on a vehicle.

While it may be true that most used car shoppers search for a vehicle in their local area, a new report, published by CarGurus, shows that some Canadian consumers would be willing to travel significant distances, if the price is right. CarGurus calls this a “Fly to Buy” car shopping getaway.

Company analysts say that prices on comparable used cars can vary significantly city to city, so it is possible to fly to another city, buy a used car at a much lower price, drive it home, and still save substantially after travel costs.

For example, CarGurus data shows that a car shopper living in Vancouver could save more than $4,000 on a 2016 Ford F-150 if they “Fly to Buy” that car in Calgary—including the cost to fly to Calgary and the cost of gas for the car ride home. In another example, a shopper living in Edmonton can save more than $3,000 on a 2016 BMW 3 Series by flying to buy the car in Winnipeg—again, flight and gas costs included.

“Canadian car shoppers often cross province lines to buy a car, but expanding their search area to even greater distances can offer the adventurous deal-seeker even bigger savings—with the added bonus of a fun summer road trip.” said Lisa Rosenberg, Data Analyst at CarGurus.

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