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New research reveals that different buyers respond better or worse to completely different words when deciding which car to buy.

When reading car descriptions on review websites, certain words fall flat and fail to lead prospective buyers to a dealership site, says research from CDK Global.

According to CDK Global, the word “bigger” fell flat with women. And all of those glowing descriptions that praise a car’s innovative “design?” Generation-X consumers don’t want to hear it, as “performance” resonated much more than “design” to this particular group.

Meanwhile, most parents in 2017 felt that both “sound” and “tech” were low priorities, and often responded negatively to reviews including those words.

Here’s a short list of the top and lowest performing words:


Top: Drive, Power, Trip, Comfortable, Luxury
Low: Bought, Transmission, Owned, Bigger, Cargo


Top: Truck, Power, Luxury, Package, Performance
Low: Back, Seat, Design, Built, Difference


Top: Buy, Work, Truck, Power, Highway
Low: Company, Designed, Inside, Warranty, Light


Top: Truck, Leased, Row, Nice, Purchase
Low: Sounds, Buying, Control, Tech, Company

“Customer needs are always changing, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” said Jason Kessler, lead data scientist at CDK Global. “The needs of those graduating college are going to be much different than those of new parents. Our latest research examined the words that would eventually lead buyers of different demographics to leave a review website and head to a dealership site. In our most recent analysis, we were able to pinpoint specific words that shed valuable light on what vehicle traits matter most to women, Generation-X consumers, recent college graduates, and parents.”

To learn more about The Language of Closers, visit cdkglobal.com/promo/language-of-closers-reviews.

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