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Auto Dealers Innovation Series comes to Ottawa and Toronto.

Dealers and auto industry professionals in Ontario recently enjoyed the March instalments of the Auto Dealers Innovation Series, presented by the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA).

The TADA hosted two events, one in Ottawa (Mar. 22) and one in Toronto (Mar. 23) with a total of four guest speakers speaking at each event.

Sean Moffit, Managing Director of WikiBrands offered a thought-provoking presentation about driving the customer experience in 2017. He spoke about the many lessons dealers can learn from Netflix, and how this online company survived and thrived while competitors like Blockbuster faded into history.

Ian Cruickshank, VP of Sales and Marketing for Speed Shift Media helped the audience demystify the jargon used by online marketing companies. He translated terms like VDP into plain English for the audience, and explained which metrics really matter.

Brent Wees, Director of First Impressions at NextUp, blew the minds of many in the audience with a presentation entitled, “Marketing to Millennials is for Suckers!” He explained that Millennials are no different from past generations, all of whom had to go through their “coming of age” process.

Finally, Jeff Clark, Chief Sales Officer for DealerOn, explained what dealers need to do in order to successfully employ a digital marketing strategy for their fixed-ops. He also explained why mobile fixed-ops marketing is the future.

Look for more in coming issues of AutoJournal.

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