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We’ve hit the road running and are looking forward to an exciting 2017!

It’s a busy but exciting time for us here at the TADA. Our entire team is working hard to promote the interests of our dealer members, as well as to keep our membership on top of the everchanging auto industry landscape.

Fighting for Bill 3

One of the areas of concern for us here at the TADA, and for dealers in Ontario, is Bill 3, which was before MPPs in Parliament’s previous session, and was known then as Bill 152. The TADA recently told a committee of Ontario MPPs that Bill 3 should be included in the province’s upcoming budget.

If you’re not familiar with Bill 3, if passed, it would allow automobile dealers to register and license the vehicles they sell from their dealership – rather than having to do so at a Service Ontario location.

Spearheading TADA’s push for Bill 3 is our Director of Government Relations, Frank Notte. In-dealership registration and licensing, Notte explains, has been available to Quebec dealers since 2002, and to New York State dealers since the mid-1990s. It’s time Ontario dealers were able to do the same.

Public pressure

2017 Initiatives : Ready... Set...
TADA’s Director of Government Relations, Frank Notte,
is spearheading our push for Bill 3.

“We need that next level of public pressure,” Notte explains. “If dealers want this to happen, they need to go to PassBill3.ca and tell their MPPs that it’s important.”

We urge all our members to visit PassBill3.ca in order to find out how they can get involved. In fact, the site is fully equipped to provide dealers with all the information they need in order to fully understand Bill 3, what it means, and how it will affect them personally.

In addition, PassBill3.ca will help you figure out which riding you’re in (if you’re not sure), as well as help you send an email message directly to your MPP. All the tools you need to get involved are there, making the task as easy as possible.

“You’ll also find a video that explains why Bill 3 is important and why more public pressure is needed to help convince MPPs to pass the Bill,” Notte adds. “We’re urging the government to put Bill 3 in the fast lane, but we need your help. Please visit PassBill3.ca and help us get the message across to those in office.”

Auto Dealers Innovation Series

One of the other big projects we’re working on is the Auto Dealers Innovation Series, which takes place in Ottawa on March 22, and in Toronto on March 23. The entire program was prepared with you, the dealer, in mind. Our goal is to make sure our members are up-to-speed with the latest innovations and technologies in the auto industry.

Our world is ever-evolving, and technology is changing the way dealers do business. With that thought in mind, we’ve made sure to prepare an agenda that will provide dealers with the tools and education necessary to stay ahead of the pace of change.

Speaker lineup

We have invited a number of industry leaders to speak to dealers. For instance, our keynote speaker, Sean Moffitt, Managing Director, WikiBrands will be talking about how dealers can provide their customers with the best digital experience possible. He will be sharing proprietary research about the customer experience with our audience, which means you won’t get this information anywhere else. Moffitt will also talk about emerging technologies, customer expectations and digital cultural trends.

Brent Wees, Director of First Impressions, NextUp will tackle a very controversial topic with his presentation, “Marketing to Millennials is for Suckers!” His goal is to convince dealers to avoid falling into the trap of age-based marketing, and to future-proof their dealerships.

Ian Cruickshank, VP of Sales and Marketing, Speed Shift Media will help dealers make sense of their digital marketing spend. He will help you recognize key digital metrics so that you can figure out where your money is going. Perhaps most importantly, he promises to equip you with the tools and the skills you need in order to “Cut through the bull!”

We have also invited Jeff Clark, Chief Sales Officer, DealerOn Inc. to come out and talk about one of the hottest topics today – mobile marketing. Clark has well over 20 years experience in the auto industry and has been an executive with many big name companies in the digital space.

“Everything today is mobile,” Clark explains, “so one of the big things I’m going to talk about is fixed ops marketing in a mobile world. We want to help the automotive retailer think about whether they can use their mobile device to easily schedule a service appointment? Never mind if you can do it, but can your loved ones do it? Can your mom? Or would she find it difficult?”

Clark says that dealers, in general, lack the right content when it comes to messaging with regards to fixed operations. “We have been researching what other companies, like Pep Boys or Jiffy Lube, are doing since they command about two thirds of the business. We looked at their content, their messaging, and their value propositions. We’re going to cover fixed ops marketing, but with a focus on mobile during the presentations in Ottawa and Toronto.”

For more information on this not-to-be-missed event, please visit tada.ca/AutoDealers-Innovation-Series. We hope to see you there!

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