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New report finds customer satisfaction is increased when a tablet is employed in the sales process.

In their latest Automotive Analyst Note, J.D. Power explains how the integration of tablet technology into the sales process has a “dramatic” effect on a consumer’s perception of fairness and honesty. The conclusion is based on a data from the 2016 Canadian Sales Satisfaction Index.

J.D. Power explains that tablet technology can be an effective “transparency-building tool.” Salespeople who used a tablet as part of the sales process were rated higher for honesty and fairness of price paid.

However, J.D. Power warns that “salespeople who simply punch numbers into a tablet while sitting across the desk from their customer in the traditional (confrontational) negotiation stance will miss the point—as well as—the benefit. Instead, salespeople should consider the tablet as an opportunity to engage customers and share the screen with them throughout the build and price process.”

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