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During the Chicago Auto Show, which continues until February 20th, Toyota has introduced its new Tundra and Sequoia TDR Sport version.

According to the manufacturer, these new versions will offer improved style and handling for active families. Both these extra-size vehicles offer remarkable towing capacities and will provide an extra dose of performance and driving pleasure.

Tundra TRD 4 x 4 Sport comes in Double Cab or CrewMax style and it is powered by the i-FORCE 5.7L V8 engine delivering 381 HP. Safety is enhanced by the addition of Toyota’s Safety Sense-P as a standard option.

The Sequoia TRD Sport 2018, as the Tundra TRD 2018, will benefit from Bilstein shock absorbers, customized for the TRD Sport and anti-sway bars, front and rear. It will also include Toyota’s Safety Sense and a brand-new instrument cluster with a 4.2” multifunctional display for system functionalities.

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