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Bill 3 was before MPPs in Parliament’s previous session, then known as Bill 152. 

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) recently told a committee of Ontario MPPs that Bill 3 should be included in the province’s upcoming budget.

The Bill would allow automobile dealers to register and licence the vehicles they sell from their dealership–rather than having to do so at a Service Ontario location.

“We urge the government to put Bill 3 in the fast lane, and make it law to cut red tape and help consumers get their new vehicle without unnecessary delays,” says Frank Notte, TADA’s Director of Government Relations. “Its time Ontario new car dealers be able to provide in-dealership registration and deliver the sold vehicle minutes after the customer signs on the dotted line. We hope to see Bill 3 be part of Ontario’s 2017 Budget.” 

In-dealership registration and licensing, Notte added, has been available to Quebec dealers since 2002, and to New York State dealers since the mid-1990s. “Individuals and businesses make highly secure, digital transactions everyday–vehicle registrations should be no different.”

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