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 Get creative, but keep it consistent.

Have you got your game face on? Let’s check with a quick recap. You’ve done your competitive analysis, and followed up by setting up actions and processes throughout various departments, including capturing and updating all online profiles. This will help you reach your targets of increasing eyeballs to your website.

Next, you’ve developed a system to improve the quality and speed of your used car merchandising and are currently working with your online vendors towards a common goal of increasing referral traffic to your website. Grab your calendar and schedule regular meetings with your team, bi-yearly updates of your competitive analysis and vendor meetings. You’ll need to meet consistently to ensure these companies are taking you seriously about making improvements, so they’ll provide the information you need to reach your digital goals.

Now, you need to get up close and familiar with implementing in-house tools and online, like the review card and review landing page on your website. Another example is the creation of the Unique Selling Point (USP), and how you’re broadcasting through both digital and in-house media.

Consistency is key

The key here is consistency throughout all media. For example, when the manufacturer changes their direction, you’ll receive a package that includes all POP for that event as well as creative for both digital and printing purposes. So, from the consumer’s point of view, the message is consistent as they experience the manufacturer’s efforts through billboards, radio ads, online banners etc., and of course is reflected when they enter your store.

What do you want to convey with your messaging? Let’s start with your rewards program. Whether it’s an in-house initiative or done through a vendor, gather all current creative materials. Now take a look at where these are and how they are advertised to your customers.

Start with your dealership’s website—is it thorough?
Easy to understand? Is everything containedon your digital real estate, not the vendors’?

Now let’s dig deeper. How is this being presented in the sales and service sections of the website, in POP within the store (for example, invoices, mirror hangers, call on hold messaging) and most importantly, through your employees?

After analyzing the current efforts, call a meeting with your management team to provide your findings. Here’s a sample agenda for your meeting:
1. Who is responsible for what areas?
2. What changes need to be made?
3. What externals need to be coordinated? (digital creative, updating online, vendors providing content, pamphlets/brochures etc.)
4. How will the training happen with your staff and take-aways going forward?

This is a starting point towards creating consistency, and in time you will have found areas that you can act on, make the necessary changes to all your approaches, and customize these processes within staff and vendors.

Synchronize messaging

When a dealership finds that a service or product is not performing to their standards, they may blame the vendor, especially if that dealer has made all efforts to make that initiative a success. If that’s not the case, where was the representative to give recommendations and how were these recommendations taken and acted on? As a dealer, these are the questions you need to ask yourself and your staff.

Now that you’ve found a system to follow, why not copy these efforts to other messaging through your departments?

Here are a few resources that you can research to develop ideas:

1. Review the manufacturer website monthly for new initiatives that are being promoted, in all departments. But don’t stop there. What about their promotional efforts on other social media channels? Can you integrate these initiatives within your messaging?

2. Are you part of a dealer association? Are they promoting an initiative regionally?

3. Don’t forget the vendors. Ensure that they are supplying your store with the relevant promotional media kits.

Review the possibilities
Here are a few other examples that will get the ideas flowing:

• Sales

• New
• Out of town purchase
• Delivery service
• Purchase Guarantee

• Used

• As-is
• Dealer Certified
• Manufacture Certified
• Buy-it-Now

• Service

• Tire Storage
• Detailing Packages
• Additional add-on options

• Parts

• LIVE tire sourcing/pricing
• Seasonal rebates per manufacturer
• Purchase parts online (e-commerce)

• Financial Services

• What institutions are you affiliated with?
• LIVE online credit application
• Call to action—why a customer should sub
mit a credit application with your dealership

• Warranty/Recalls

• Highlight current recalls
• Why it’s important to visit the dealership to
have these completed

• Amenities

• How you cater to your guests
• Facility
• Staff
• Location
• Guarantees
• Expectations

• Reviews

• Where to submit
• Why it’s important
• LIVE scrolling testimonial page

Now, you’ve got the correct processes in place, and you know where to activate and broadcast your messaging. You’ve clarified training, the responsibilities of staff, and followed up to develop a consistent message throughout your media and integrated more content. That’s how you succeed in the digital world, with a higher organic ranking (SEO), which will ultimately bring more eyeballs to your site. And that’s how you’ll capture more leads, calls, and floor traffic, which will ultimately advance to your main objective—sales.

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