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Named after Poland’s legendary cavalry, the Hussarya debuts on the world racing scene.

We don’t often think of Poland when we think of supercars. But a small team of Polish visionaries is hoping to change that when they introduce the world to the Arrinera Hussarya.

Arrinera, a Polish manufacturer, has already introduced the world to the Hussarya GT race car, which was displayed publicly for the first time earlier this year at the Autosport International Racing Car Show in Birmingham, UK. Powered by a 6.2L V8, it can be tuned to output between 420 and 650 hp. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a Hewland gearbox.

The vehicle is designed in Poland, and assembled in the UK. The man behind the vision, Lukasz Tomkiewicz, admits that although the idea, the concept, and the design came from Poland, he didn’t hesitate to recruit the talents and abilities of engineers outside of his home country to complete his project. Although there are a number of Brits and Italians on his team, Tomkiewicz says the car is mostly Polish.

Tomkiewicz explains that the idea of a single country designing and manufacturing an entire vehicle from start to finish is not realistic. You can’t produce 100% of a vehicle, from the engine and transmission, all the way down to the smallest nuts and bolts, within the borders of a single country, he said.

In the Hussarya’s case, the engine is made in the United States, while the transmission is from an Italian manufacturer-the same company that makes transmissions for established brands like Pagani.

What’s in a name?
The name “Hussarya” comes from Poland’s legendary cavalry. They made a name for themselves by beating overwhelming odds and coming out victorious in battles in the 17th century. Victory in battle seems to be part of this supercar’s DNA since the tubular space frame and roll cage are built from the same steel tubing that was used to make fighter planes flown by Polish pilots in World War II.

Bringing the design into the 21st century, however, engineers decided to add carbon fiber and Kevlar into the mix, giving the Hussarya more of a true supercar persona.

A sound investment
While the Arrinera Hussarya GT race car is ready for prime time, the consumer version is still in the works. The company plans to introduce a “track day” version of the Hussarya in late 2017, followed by a street-legal version that will be available for purchase in Poland and abroad.

Tomkiewicz says his company will be paying close attention to detail when they outfit the consumer version of the Hussarya. He promises to use only the best materials inside and out. Nothing will be made of cheap plastic, he added, because the interior of the Hussarya must live up to supercar owners’ expectations.

As far as price goes, that’s still up in the air, although Tomkiewicz says it will definitely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars ballpark, with final figures based on options and the level of customization his customers demand. Each car, he says, will likely be as unique as the customers who order them. The company is also planning a roadster version.

So who will be the first in line to buy a Polish supercar? According to Tomkiewicz it will be those fortunate few who have a passion for supercars, and who likely already own a few. He says some customers have already placed an order for their Hussarya, before even seeing the production version. He estimates the Hussarya will increase in value with time, making it a wise investment for the few who can afford one.

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