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Veg Auto & Industrial Supply proudly serves a very diverse clientele. Credit: Veg Auto & Industrial Supply

After looking at all the options, this business owner decided to stick with a banner that would prove to be instrumental in his long-term success.

In the picturesque town of Vegreville, Alberta, just an hour’s drive east of Edmonton, Veg Auto & Industrial Supply proudly serves a very diverse clientele—and has been doing so for decades.

Located over 100 km away from any major city, the store covers a lot of bases and serves a number of industries. As their name implies, they cater to the needs of automotive, heavy truck, agricultural and industrial customers in the immediate area, and beyond.

Banner vs. banner

When Shawn Grykuliak acquired Veg Auto & Industrial Supply in 2013, the business had already been operating under the Bumper to Bumper banner for over 30 years. Since Grykuliak sells parts for a variety of businesses, he needed a partner that could be as flexible and as diverse as he is. Bumper to Bumper proved to be that partner, offering products that the store could in turn provide his automotive, truck, agricultural and industrial customers.

“We looked at our options,” says Grykuliak, “and Bumper to Bumper offered the benefits we wanted in a package that not only fit our needs, but was essential for what our local community and our customers needed.” So, after seeing what Bumper to Bumper had to offer, and comparing the banner with others on the market, he knew that staying with the brand was the right decision.

Quality brand parts

Besides pricing advantages, Bumper to Bumper offers the ability to drop-ship orders. Being able to deal directly with manufacturers gives the business a stronghold on pricing and supply.

Even as the world was dealing with global supply chain issues, Grykuliak says that his business was well prepped to deal with the challenge. “Because we can deal directly with manufacturers, I think that got us set up well, and on the right track,” he explains. “We were doing business with a supplier who helped us fill up our warehouses in a timely fashion, and get ahead of the game.”

Another key benefit to partnering with Bumper to Bumper is the brand-name advantage. “A lot of competitors go with white box products,” Grykuliak says, “but we have brand-name parts on our shelves, and that carries a lot of weight in the industry.”

Finally, Grykuliak appreciates the fact that Bumper to Bumper is as customer-focused as he and his staff are. “At the end of the day, it all comes down to customer service, and I always get the best service from the Uni-Select and Bumper to Bumper team.”

“We are much more than just a warehouse distributor,” says Emilie Gaudet, President and Chief Operating Officer of Uni-Select. “Parts, tools and equipment, accessories, paint and body products, training, national banner and marketing programs—our network has a comprehensive offering designed to support our customers’ businesses.

“Walking side-by-side with them, our teams have always been dedicated to driving growth and success. That’s what makes us who we are. Our long-standing partnership with Veg Auto is a perfect example of that commitment to forging genuine, durable relationships with our customers. We are very proud to have such a driven and esteemed partner in our network.”

Today, Grykuliak credits his significant growth and success in large part to his wife, family, staff, and to the expertise of the Bumper to Bumper team. Long live that partnership!


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