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Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), is the term used to describe technologies in vehicles that keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians safe by reducing the severity of injuries and number of collisions. This could be sensors, radars, a braking function, a cruise control feature, cameras, traction control and more.

ADAS is not a new concept. Vehicles have had back up cameras, anti-lock braking and blind spot detection for years. However, its impact to the collision repair industry has increased as the rate of technologies in modern vehicles has only increased.

So how do collision repair centers best manage ADAS systems?

To understand ADAS systems, estimators and repairers regularly have to research OEM guidelines for the vehicle they are repairing. There is no other way around it. A common challenge that often arises is that a technician may think the steps are the same as they were last year, not knowing that they have been updated. This is why it is so important, with every repair, to check OEM guidelines beforehand.

Some facilities have taken this opportunity to segment their workflow process and assign someone responsible solely for technology component within the repair process. This includes scanning, calibration and of course ensuring all the ADAS systems align with manufacturer guidelines. Having your finger on the pulse in technological advancements is crucial to ensure the safety of each repair, and with the rate of advancement continuing to increase, this role will only get more important.

One thing is for sure, ADAS is not going away any time soon. Consumers enjoy the added safety and convenience features these technologies bring – which motivates manufacturers to include these as a part of even their base models – and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
With vehicles advancing at such rapid rates, it can be difficult to keep up with ADAS system repair guidelines. The EDGE Performance Platform, coupled with CARSTAR University, are tools that help CARSTAR franchise partners understand the processes they need to implement to stay ahead of any industry advancements. These exclusive platforms help educate owners, support the implementation of new programs and leverage national partnerships with key vendors for any additional assistance.

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CARSTAR is well versed in helping independent owners thrive. If you are looking at maintaining ownership of your facility and want additional support from a premier network, join CARSTAR by calling 844-906-9764 or visit CARSTARfranchise.ca.

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