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Axalta launched its new Spies Hecker Permahyd 2K Sealer 5650 in North America on October 16.

As explained by the company, the new sealer is a waterborne refinish product that is designed for better productivity with up to 75% decrease in application time. In comparison to the about 20 minutes taken by traditional products, the application time for the new sealer is five minutes or less with a single-visit application and use of blowers for drying. Axalta notes that collision repair facilities will be able to benefit from the shorter application time by being able to get more cars through the booth. This can contribute to better productivity, lower cycle time and more cash flow.

“As a leader in the Multi-Shop Operator (MSO) space, we know a primary key performance indicator (KPI) of collision center performance is cycle time,” said Troy Weaver, Vice President, Global Refinish for Axalta. “Customers must move vehicles through their shops quickly to maximize profitability and this sealer is another tool to help them do that. When 5650 is used as part of the super-productive Spies Hecker refinish system, including basecoat and clearcoat, total repair time is nearly half of competitive brands. There is just no better system on the market for shops that value productivity.”

Axalta is offering the Spies Hecker Permahyd 2K Sealer 5650 in two colours—light and dark gray. The company states that its customers will find the 5650 suitable because of the decrease in the overall product system set by two SKUs. This will allow for a reduction in inventory and an increase in the cash in hand.

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