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PPG has announced the launch of its premium P565-318X HS Wet-on-Wet Sealers under the Nexa Autocolor brand.

As explained by the company, the sealers have been designed to be used with the Aquabase Plus automotive refinish system. To drive productivity and efficiency in the refinish process, PPG has used an advanced resin formula that is engineered to provide the necessary foundation.

Made for easy use, the refinish technicians can easily mix and apply the P565-318X HS Wet-on-Wet Sealers, thus reducing prep time and application complexities. The technicians may use the products on unsanded OEM e-coats, sanded original finishes and properly prepared bare steel, aluminum, fibre glass and plastic surfaces. PPG states that the sealers can be topcoated in 15 minutes.

As explained by the company, the sealers have no texture, offering a smooth blend edge. Consequently, the Aquabase Plus basecoat applied will be able to stay flatter and smoother in the transition area from sealer to original colour foundation. The sealers are designed to aid in delivering an “exceptional” gloss with and enhanced overall finish as the end result for the paint job.

PPG is offering the sealers in three A-Chromatic shades—G1 white, G5 gray and G7 dark gray—which can further be blended into the shades G3 and G6. The sealers are designed to aid in delivering an invisible repair and enhanced final appearance using less basecoat since it offers better foundation in conjunction with the necessary gray shade undercoat.

PPG’s new sealers are currently available all over Canada and the U.S. The paint will not need additional compliant reducers as the sealers work well in markets that use current ECR reducers with full temperature options.

“This is really a remarkable advance in sealer technology and a fine addition to the Aquabase Plus line,” says Tim Jones, PPG Manager, Collision Segment, Automotive Refinish. “The system is already easy to use and produces great results. The P565-318X HS Wet-on-Wet Sealers deliver a beautiful finish and make it easier to get there. Painters will quickly notice how trouble-free these sealers are, and shop managers will appreciate increases in productivity. We’re very proud to offer the new sealers to our Aquabase Plus system customers.”

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