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BASF recently announced that its colour designers have developed a colour collection of future colour inspirations for automotive surfaces titled “ACT/9”.

The report  Automotive Color Trends 2019-20 has been created on the basis of an analysis of technological trends and societal changes. The report outlines the current global trends along with a focus on different regions.

In a release by the company, BASF explains that a trend it has noted is that there is a commitment towards future challenges, especially towards handling digitalization, worldwide. Using digital support is now being viewed as a natural part of life by people who are now more open to using it. New product markets and consumption patterns are now being governed by a decisive rethinking of resources.

BASF’s colour designers at its Coatings division were able to identify a growing desire to bring on essential changes. They have consequently worked to translate this drive and incorporate it into the colour trends report for automotive surfaces. Four design studios from North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific joined forces to work on this. The company explains that focussing on these regions aid in developing a deep understanding of the markets and their colour drivers. Variations in the technological and societal trends of these regions are reflected in different colours.

BASF states that North America has an ongoing fascination with technology. On the flip side, there is a unique approach towards ownership and co-creation. Therefore, the colour trends of this region depict this through a prominent, flip-flop effect in different hues. According to BASF, the colours indicate an understanding of human interactions with machines.

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