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Impact Auto Auctions, a subsidiary of Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) and a business unit of KAR Auction Services, has announced the addition of new features to its online vehicle auction platform—Impact AuctionNow.

With the redesigned interface, buyers can now create their own customizable, unique interface. The added convenience and data have made purchasing a vehicle easier as a result.

The newly added improved features of the online auction platform are as follows:

  • Impact AuctionNow features new auction viewing options. While using enhanced filters to look for vehicles quickly, this new feature allows buyers to view and participate in an unlimited number of auctions on the same page view.
  • The company has also added new bidding features to the online platform. The newly added “jump bid” option allows buyers to bid with a single click. Besides being able to now set-up an ‘auto-bid’ function for a vehicle before it goes on the block, buyers also have the option of queueing in future bids so that do not miss out on any bidding opportunity.
  • The new enhanced auction reminders have been added to ensure that buyers do not miss out any auction, with the help of the “follow auction” button. Besides helping buyers manage their time well, the enhanced help them in prioritizing their bids as per the needs of their inventory.

“Impact AuctionNow was designed to meet the unique needs and buying preferences of all our buyers,” says Blair Earle, Managing Director at Impact. “It is a one-of-a kind platform in the industry that includes value-added features to reduce buying cycle times. We can now cater to our high-volume buying participants as well as those simply looking for a unique vehicle.”

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