Salvation Army Purchases Truck With Craftsman Collision’s Donation

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Craftsman Collision recently announced that a food truck has been purchased through a donation it made to the Salvation Army.

Lieutenant Alfred Esdaille, North Vancouver Salvation Army and CEO/Owner, Bill Hatswell of Craftsman Collision unveiled the new refrigerated food truck at Craftsman’s head office in North Vancouver, BC on May 1.

Craftsman Collision’s generous donation of $42,000 was used to purchase the new truck. With the refrigerated truck, Salvation Army Food Services is able to feed more than 1,000 people every week in the Lower Mainland. Volunteers collect food from grocery stores that would have been thrown out but is still in edible condition. They can then redistribute the food to those who need it.

This program is considered a meaningful way to strengthen families as well as communities. “It is great to know that as a local business you can help make such a difference in people’s lives. Being able to give people access to fresh food, so making the healthy choice a much easier choice,” says Stacey Cook, Marketing Manager, Craftsman Collision.

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