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Fix Auto has released its 2019 media Campaign with the production of two brand new television commercials.

The commercials are currently being featured on different mass media on a national level. Additionally, they have a stronger regional presence in more targeted mediums to reach the network’s local customers quickly.

“It’s really an evolution and extension of our strategic marketing and communications program into new and more responsive mediums,” shares Alexandra Zalec, VP Marketing for the Fix Automotive Network (FAN) Canada. “Our goal is to entertain people and do so along avenues that are meaningful to them and to our brand. We want them to remember Fix Auto positively when they have a need for our collision repair services.”

Fix Auto’s ‘first words that should come to mind after an accident’ advertisement campaign was launched about four years ago. The network has built upon this ever since. New creative development and extension onto online video are some of the steps that Fix Auto has taken to keep the ‘first words’ idea resonating with the viewers.

Being a part of a collision and subsequently requiring auto body repair services is not a pleasant experience for consumers. The Fix Auto network, therefore, believes in making the process as simple and stress-free as possible. The ‘first words’ campaign has been quite successful for Fix Auto as per the results of brand research. Zalec explains that a record number of people remember the network’s advertising correctly and positively associate it with the Fix Auto brand. As per the latest research results, a national average of 67% of all respondents were able to recognize the advertisement accurately and associate it with the brand.

“Media is generally quite fragmented today both across the country and across varying audiences,” Zalec continues. “It’s important for us to reach the franchise communities in which we operate with our presence and support.” Fix Auto has therefore adapted its marketing strategy with an enhanced regional focus on traditional and digital mediums, besides including collision related content delivery and sponsorships.

Zalec further explains that it is not enough to spend all the budget on mass media and be done with it. Neither does the world function in this manner anymore nor do consumers live that way. “Fix Auto is about innovation and true value delivery to the franchise network at all levels; at the shop, from our corporate supports and in our marketing communications,” she adds.

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