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The Skills Canada Competition in New Brunswick was help April 12th to a huge turnout at NBCC Saint John.

There was a huge turnout for the competition with students from the schools involved cheering for their specific competitor. Parents were also in attendance and so the aisles with filled with interested parties.

The competitors went about tackling their specific event to cheers from the audience in front of the event booth. Winners of the events were especially happy and proud of themselves and rightly so!

And the winners were—Autobody Repair: Gold: Dexter Tibbets, NBCC Saint John; Silver: Julie Comeau, CCNB Bathurst; Bronze: Mia Cyr, CCNB Bathurst.

Car Painting: Gold: Carrie Long, Apprenticeship, Fredericton; Silver: Nick Delong, NBCC Saint John; Bronze: France-Line Cormier, CCNB Bathurst.

Automotive Service: Gold: Peter Lister, NBCC Saint John; Silver: Ben Ward, NBCC Moncton; Bronze: Trinity Weselowski, NBCC Moncton.

All the competitors did a fine job and who knows, maybe will find a job from their results. Well done everyone!

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