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The December issue of Collision Management is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Editor-in-Chief of Collision Management, Huw Evans.

The Right Stuff

It’s more than just the product itself.

In our industry, the shops and businesses that perform best are those that have a gameplan and consistently provide quality products or services and by doing so, achieve superior results.

The complete package

If we take a look at our cover story this month, which focuses on Collision 360 and the Spanesi range of equipment that it distributes here in Canada, it’s not only about delivering superior products but complete solutions built around them.

You can have the best piece of equipment in the world, but if your training and aftersales support falls short, you ultimately won’t be successful, and you won’t cultivate long-term business relationships.

Not only that, but a significant part of the tools and equipment equation means understanding a shop’s particular needs. Even if you’re an MSO with multiple locations, chances are each shop within your network has specific requirements.

If we look at equipment categories, benches, frame racks and welding apparatus are among the most critical. Vehicles involved in collisions need to be properly straightened and welded to bring them back to pre-crash condition. And with the advances in vehicle construction, the growth in aluminum and multi-material structures, having precision tools becomes an ever more critical component of the repair process. It’s something we take a look at in our Special File this issue.

Repair fundamentals

The need for the right equipment and the right repair procedures has been a major factor behind the establishment of programs such as CCIAP as well as OEM certifications for specific repair procedures. It’s no longer an option to have the right tools and training. It’s essential if you want to fix today’s cars and trucks.

Yes, the cost to repair vehicles correctly is becoming very costly, and there are probably many shops wondering just how much they can realistically invest. But it’s the only way forward at present, and it’s something all stakeholders within the industry, from shops, to networks, to insurers, vendors and OEMs need to focus on and properly address.

If it isn’t addressed, then we could well reach a point where vehicles become essentially unfixable, uninsurable and unsaleable. I hope that day never comes.

On a lighter note, this time of the year is also one for giving, and I’d like to acknowledge all the great activities and donations our industry gets involved with, from working with national charities to supporting local communities and helping to change lives for the better. The team at Collision Management salutes each and every one of you for making a difference. We wish you a happy holiday season!

Click here to read the December 2018 issue of Collision Management

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