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Mitchell has released its latest Industry Trends Report for the fourth quarter of 2018.

This latest report looks at how intelligent automation is changing the nature of work in collision repair, insurance and beyond.

It also provides insights into key industry trends, including how to manage performance in a technology-shocked industry and the power of integration and automation in humanizing the claims process.

In the report, Mitchell CEO Alex Sun discusses the significant impact that perceived artificial intelligence will have on both the collision repair and Property and Casualty sectors.

Sun looks at the far-reaching implications AI technologies could have for businesses, explaining that “as AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous, it will allow knowledge workers to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more on the higher value, human ones that drive better outcomes.”

In relation to the collision repair sector, this latest Industry Trends Report takes a look at managing performance in a technology-shocked industry.

Ryan Mandell, Mitchell Director of Performance Consulting, looks at ways to implement an effective performance management strategy, explaining that “collision repair facilities, OEMs and insurance carriers…share a common goal that just so happens to also be important: to restore customers’ lives after a challenging event has taken place. The customer should ultimately be at the heart of an effective performance management strategy.”

Mandell also focuses on four primary steps to implementing an effective performance management strategy: embrace competition, distill KPIs down to the most impactful, measure KPIs that inform behaviours, and create visibility into goals.

More details are available on the Q4 Industry Trends Report are available here

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