Tesla Sudden Acceleration Cases Largely Settled

In the U.S., Tesla has managed to avoid a class-action lawsuit by largely settling claims brought forward by plaintiffs.

According to the U.S.-based Insurance Journal, the potential suit, which revolved around claims of sudden acceleration and [potential collisions resulting] on Model S and Model X vehicles, was being built around the legal teams of seven plaintiffs, of which six have now dropped their claims against the automaker.

The remaining plaintiff and his son will now only pursue individual claims and not those on behalf of other motorists.

With this particular case now confined to just a single plaintiff in just one state, Tesla is no longer held liable for alleged vehicle defects in other states and will likely face a significantly reduced settlement than it would under a class-action case.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has been involved in potential lawsuits—earlier this year charges were brought against the automaker for fraud and market manipulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC suit was settled back in September.

Back in June, a former Tesla employee leaked documents referring to an alleged cover up involving the use of scrap parts in vehicle manufacturing. Tesla promptly sued the employee, who later countersued the automaker.

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