Car-O-Liner Introduces CTR-9 Auto Welder

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At the 2018 SEMA Show, Car-O-Liner introduced its CTR-9 Automatic Welder.

Designed to improve welding efficiency and accuracy, the CTR-9 is a fully automatic unit that features a new, lightweight transformer gun.

The gun features a 355-degree swivel angle and ergo grip designed to maximize usability and is supported by a telescopic arm that’s made from lightweight extruded aluminum that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

The CTR-9, which is an upgrade of Car-O-Liner’s CTR-7, also features a compact power unit with a lower centre of gravity designed to enhance both stability and mobility, plus a 16,000 amp transformer and CANBUS communication to ensure high quality, consistent welds.

For maximum effectiveness, the CTR-9 automatically adjusts settings to deliver the proper weld nugget and uses an advanced quality control system that both monitors and adjusts the welder to guarantee total energy input.

A WeldLogger2 allows the technician to create work orders and document them in log files, so they can be easily accessed and printed if required.

The CTR-9 also features a storage tray and USB port for accessing software upgrades.

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