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The August issue of Collision Management is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Editor-in-Chief of Collision Management, Huw Evans.

Greater Integration

Bringing ideas, concepts and technology together can make for a powerful combination.

Collision repair has become a rapidly changing industry. Much of that has been driven by fuel economy regulations that have, by their necessity, changed the way that cars and trucks are designed, engineered and repaired. Alongside that we have greater customer and stakeholder expectations from the way we operate (motorists, insurance carriers and OEMs).

Quality and consistency

The importance of quality and consistency in everything we do has never mattered more, and as we seek new business opportunities and customer retention, the growing trend of synergies between collision, glass and mechanical repairs makes more and more sense. At the Fix Automotive Network, that integration is a fundamental part of both business strategy and operation. You can read all about it starting on Page 14.

Connecting the dots is not only something that’s bringing together different facets of the automotive service industry, it’s also changing the way cars are being repaired. A few years ago, virtual steering grabbed the headlines as the way of the future. Now, with connected vehicles growing in numbers, we are reaching the point where this will be the norm rather than the exception. The vehicle will know it has been in an accident, the First Notice of Loss will be instant, and an approved shop will commence repairs ASAP, providing a seamless customer experience from beginning to end.


Yet as connectivity increases so does data, and managing it becomes an ever more crucial part of the business. Does the current hot topic of blockchain really represent a worthwhile solution for collision shops of the future? That’s a question we ponder, beginning on Page 20.

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. Choosing to embrace it rather than fearing it, we can much better position ourselves to ensure our businesses and our industry continue to thrive in the months and years ahead. 

Click here to read the August 2018 issue of Collision Management

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