Tesla Still Planning to Open Collision Centres

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Automaker says having its own collision shops will reduce repair wait times.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the Palo Alto, Calif-based automaker is on track to open its first collision centre within the next month.

Musk also said that Tesla will also offer same day repairs in response to customer complaints regarding long wait times for getting their vehicles fixed. In some cases, vehicles are reported to have being waiting for months to be repaired.

Third-party collision centres have stated that the issue lies with Tesla, due to the automakers inability to ship parts to the shops in a timely fashion. Tesla meanwhile, says the issue lies with existing collision centres.

Last year, Tesla made efforts to certify more equipment and shops for repairs, as well as introducing more online repair training. By opening its own collision facilities, the automaker says it will also pre-order and stock parts in order to reduce the significant repair backlog.

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