New 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter/Dryer From Walmec

Walmec North America’s 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter/Dryer is designed to clean and dry existing compressed air.

The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter/Dryer incorporates a unique media-based filtration design to deliver high quality filtered air.

Walmec says that the air filter/dryer combination will clean and dry compressed air at any flow rate.

Available in a range of different sizes from 15 SCFM to 500 SCFM, the 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter /Dryer is manufactured to exacting standards and extensively tested. The filter/dryer has been designed for maximum durability and for use indoors and outside, as well as for both mobile and stationary applications.

Key features are:

  • Cleans and removes contaminants
  • Drains liquids from compressed air sources
  • Offered in 15-500 SCFM sizes
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Automatic float drain to expel collected liquids
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june, 2021

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